Nonprofit solutions in challenging times

It’s rare when nonprofits feel they’re flush with cash. Budgets are strained and sometimes grants-in-aid dry up or are reduced. I recently spoke with a CEO who had some major local funding reduced by 20 percent.  The new reality forces his organization to try to do more with less. He contacted me because he understands... Read More

Charitable giving DOES feel good

  ‘Tis the season to be…joyful – so true! As year-end approaches, donors are making charitable gifts to their favorite non-profits.  It feels good to do good, and there’s a good reason for that.  It all happens in the brain. National Institutes of Health researchers gave 19 subjects each $128 and gave them the option... Read More

Direct mail fundraising appeals

I write a lot of fundraising appeals. Typically, once the necessary research is done, I can turn around an appeal in a few days. Clients loved that.  As one VP of Advancement told me, “I used to sit at my keyboard and fret for hours worrying about crafting the best letter for our nonprofit.” I... Read More

A Speechwriter is well advised

We’re frequently hired to write speeches for trade events, fundraising luncheons or legislative hearings.  It’s smart to have fresh eyes review your messaging and craft your copy for maximum resonance with the audience.  We’ll also help with delivery guidance so you’re ready on the big day.

Fundraising Video Planning

We’re already scheduling video productions for nonprofit fundraising events this fall.  It’s a good idea to begin your planning early and lock in shooting dates while available.  We like to produce fundraising videos early and clients love our approach. It removes a major source of worry in a busy event-planning atmosphere.  Call us today for... Read More

Nonprofit Fundraising Success in 2016

Wingate Communications plays a key role in many clients’ annual fundraising luncheons. Typically, we write and produce the compelling fundraising video and write the script for these.  It works.  We bring passion and emotion to the CEO’s speech and testimonials to move and motivate the audience of donors and prospects. You see, passion is contagious... Read More

What Drives Nonprofit Donor Loyalty?

The Donor Loyalty Study queried donors in the United States to better understand their nonprofit giving behavior and what drives donor loyalty. A big finding for fundraisers: 72% of donors may stop donating because of unsatisfactory content online, in newsletters and other communications pieces. Once again, the survey proves that philanthropy is ‘donor-centric’ – people... Read More