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Humanizing Technical Stories for Fundraising

It’s always a challenge humanizing a technical subject, but with care you can engage and motivate donors and prospects. As an example, here’s part of a case statement I wrote for an orthopedic bone and research organization:

World-Class Medical Excellence

 The Excelen Center for Bone & Joint Research and Education has achieved eminence in the realm of global orthopedic joint and bone research, bringing together research, product innovation, and education to birth new solutions that enhance the lives of patients – of all ages – worldwide.


helping someone to walk normally and run again thanks to a new high-tech hip or knee implant.

ending years of debilitating back or joint pain for sufferers who’ve endured poor quality of life.

healing chronic, life-threatening infections in tissue and bone.

Think of the value of an extra decade of skiing, golf or tennis for an active, older adult who now enjoys a full, vital life – free of pain and disability.   

Envision breakthroughs that cut in half the time required for delicate, joint surgeries, and significantly reduce post-operative recovery time.

Imagine getting a new lease on life – a second life – thanks to new medical treatments.

Think Hope 2

Excelen is taking a quantum leap forward in exciting, new ways. As a globally-respected orthopedic research and education center, and as an incubator of new orthopedic products, Excelen is fueling Minnesota’s economic vitality.

Excelen’s future is dramatic and promising.

With your support, we go boldly forward together, pushing the 21st century clinical frontiers of invention, research and medical device development, to better meet more patient needs.  

We invite you to join us on the hopeful path of noble endeavors to improve the way children and adults live more vital, healthier, and productive lives.  

It’s quite a story about smart, passionate professionals who are helping meet profound human needs by turning ideas into solutions for healing and restoration…

See, great promise and hope comprise the cornerstone of the messaging, instead of getting the reader lost in the technical, clinical ‘weeds.’