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The retained writer for fundraising and public relations

I recently received an email from a nonprofit CEO, asking me to explain the typical retained work agreement nonprofits have with Wingate Communications. I explained that most of our clients retain us for a certain number of hours per month. The number of hours needed is determined by a modest strategic communications audit. Typically, we’ll be retained for 25-60 hours per month.  We then handle most or all fundraising communications: writing direct mail appeals, fundraising newsletter content and the annual report, scripts for annual fundraising events, photography services, executive writing for CEO, etc. We also provide writing services for news releases, digital SM content, media relations pitches, crisis communications counsel, and video scriptwriting and production.

This removes a tremendous amount of work (and worry!) from the client’s agenda so the leadership and staff and can place their focus elsewhere. Clients tell me they like having focused communications expertise in these areas, at a cost less than a staff position with benefits. It’s a win-win for the nonprofit that wishes to enhance its public posture and fundraising outcomes. And yes, the CEO agreed. I look forward to working with her quality team in the months ahead.