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Nonprofit solutions in challenging times

It’s rare when nonprofits feel they’re flush with cash. Budgets are strained and sometimes grants-in-aid dry up or are reduced. I recently spoke with a CEO who had some major local funding reduced by 20 percent.  The new reality forces his organization to try to do more with less.

He contacted me because he understands that as they consolidate some staffing, they can maintain excellent public relations outreach and fundraising communications, so key especially now, by retaining us for about 30 hours a month – an hour a day. His organization gets the expertise it needs to thrive at a cost much less than a staff position with benefits.

This is an efficient and effective way to maintain quality messaging as you share your story, and it’s great stewardship of the resources entrusted to you to do good by loyal donors.  As you plan for the new year, we’re here to help.