Fundraising stories or statistics? Science weighs in

Effective fundraising communications touches the emotions to engage the intellect. We want to move and motivate people. Here’s a Harvard Business Review article titled Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling: “Many business people have already discovered the power of storytelling in a practical sense – they have observed how compelling a well-constructed narrative can be.... Read More

Benefits of a Fundraising Communicator

We love our relationship with nonprofit clients. The work is satisfying and Minnesota has a very altruistic culture in which to help organizations tell their story. There are several reasons why Minneapolis and St. Paul clients partner with us. Fundraising communications writing is distinctly different from advertising and marketing writing. We have expertise to tell... Read More

‘Feel Good’ Direct Mail

Direct mail solicitations always need to appeal to the emotions and the intellect. Be sure to remind donors about the impact of their gifts. This stewardship messaging is so vital to strengthen the donor relationship. People like to know they’re doing good and when they recognize their impact, the pleasure center in the brain is... Read More

Nonprofit Fundraising Video

A new non-profit fundraising video tells your story in a powerful and profound way. It’s exciting to see your mission come alive on the screen, knowing this important fundraising tool will move and motivate your donors and prospects. If you wish to have a new fundraising video produced this year, I recommend you start the... Read More

Donor Newsletters

The donor newsletter is one of the most effective fundraising tools in the nonprofit arsenal. It is also often one of the most neglected. A low-cost newsletter audit can identify the strengths, weaknesses, and needed content enhancements to better connect with donors and see enhanced fundraising outcomes. Also, given burdensome printing costs, many nonprofit managers wonder if it’s suitable to... Read More