Planning a Fundraising Luncheon?

I often play a communications role in clients’ annual fundraising luncheons. Typically, I’ll write the script for the entire one hour event, including the powerful video. It works.  One social services client formerly brought in about $70,000 at their event. Once we came aboard, we envisioned a new approach.  We brought passion and emotion to... Read More

Bring Empathy to Your Nonprofit Message

The key to successful nonprofit fundraising writing is understanding what moves and motivates your constituencies; what stirs the emotions of your friends and supporters. An impact story – which puts a human face on your mission – is about a journey, by the subject of the story and the audience reading it. Empathy emerges when... Read More

The Benefits of a Fundraising/PR Writer

Writers make a difference. It’s not just words on a page. It’s engaging messaging, crafted in the best way, for greatest resonance with your donors and prospects. Writing services is the heart of effective storytelling for your fundraising and public relations initiatives. Writers offer many benefits for the nonprofit organization. We bring extensive writing experience to... Read More

Humanizing Technical Stories for Fundraising

It’s always a challenge humanizing a technical subject, but with care you can engage and motivate donors and prospects. As an example, here’s part of a case statement I wrote for an orthopedic bone and research organization: World-Class Medical Excellence  The Excelen Center for Bone & Joint Research and Education has achieved eminence in the... Read More

Make the donor feel something

Fundraising is all about connecting with people in an intimate and personal way.  You want them to feel good about supporting your organization, to feel a connection that makes them recognize you are worthy of support. Here’s an excerpt from a mini-case statement I wrote for a regional public radio network: ‘You close your eyes... Read More

Charitable giving DOES feel good

‘Tis the season to be…joyful – so true! As the year-end approaches, donors are making charitable gifts to their favorite non-profits.  It feels good to do good, and there’s a good reason for that.  It all happens in the brain. National Institutes of Health researchers gave 19 subjects each $128 and gave them the option of... Read More

Direct mail fundraising appeals

I write a lot of fundraising appeals. Typically, once the necessary research is done, I can turn around an appeal in a few days. Clients loved that.  As one VP of Advancement told me, “I used to sit at my keyboard and fret for hours worrying about crafting the best letter for our nonprofit.” I... Read More