Revisit your fundraising messaging With the fall/year-end fundraising season approaching, it’s a great time to take a strategic look at your messaging. I do that. I can ensure your passion moves and motivates your prospects, even during these challenging times. We write social media content, direct mail, news releases, speeches and grant language. This is... Read More


We do a substantial amount of speechwriting for individuals and organization CEOs. I just completed a period of speech consulting for the drummer of the famous rock group Lovin’ Spoonful. The group endures with a great musical legacy that includes many hits dating back to the late 1960s. Thanks Mike! Great fun!

My new book has been published!

I’ve been working a reduced schedule on the strategic communications side of my business since last summer. During that time, I researched and wrote my second book, Souls Speak, an astonishing true crime story that rewrites one of the midwest’s most vexing mysteries, and reveals serial killer John Wayne Gacy was killing years before his... Read More

We ghostwrite blogs and social media content

The digital domain drives much of fundraising, marketing and PR. If you need help maintaining timely blog and social media posts, we can help. We’ve maintained blogs and social media for healthcare clients, authors and national fundraising/awareness initiatives. We write bright, crisp, attention-getting content that engages and persuades.  Let our ghostwriting take the worry and... Read More

Fundraising Communications

We often are contacted by nonprofit organizations seeking to retool and improve their fundraising and PR outcomes. We conduct a comprehensive assessment that includes recommendations that will tell your story in profound and powerful ways. Our fundraising communications include writing services for direct mail, newsletters, annual reports, speechwriting, event scripts, and social media.  We also... Read More

Face time matters in fundraising

What do you think would garner greater results, an appeal emailed to 200 people or an appeal made face to face to six people?   Interesting research for fundraising writers and nonprofit fundraisers. “In research Mahdi Roghanizad of Western University and I conducted, recently published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, we have found that people tend... Read More

Happy Fundraising and PR Communications Clients

Potential clients are often curious how I can help them with their fundraising communications and public relations/marketing. So I typically give examples to illustrate.  For example, for most clients I research and write all direct mail, newsletters, annual reports, social media posts, and any executive communications such as speeches, strategic letters and such.  I also... Read More