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Planning a Fundraising Luncheon?

I often play a communications role in clients’ annual fundraising luncheons. Typically, I’ll write the script for the entire one hour event, including the powerful video. It works.  One social services client formerly brought in about $70,000 at their event. Once we came aboard, we envisioned a new approach.  We brought passion and emotion to the CEO’s speech and the audience was moved and motivated. You see, passion is contagious and when people see how excited you are about your mission, their enthusiasm soars, too. We also produced a great video to tell their story in a profound way. We... Read More

Bring Empathy to Your Nonprofit Message

The key to successful nonprofit fundraising writing is understanding what moves and motivates your constituencies; what stirs the emotions of your friends and supporters. An impact story – which puts a human face on your mission – is about a journey, by the subject of the story and the audience reading it. Empathy emerges when you understand someone’s struggle. The reader begins to feel emotional as they discover the internal and interpersonal struggles of the story’s hero. I wrote the following story for Scholarship America. SA is the largest provider of scholarship aid in America, providing $200 million in aid... Read More