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Make the donor feel something

Fundraising is all about connecting with people in an intimate and personal way.  You want them to feel good about supporting your organization, to feel a connection that makes them recognize you are worthy of support.

Here’s an excerpt from a mini-case statement I wrote for a regional public radio network:

‘You close your eyes and imagine the dimming lights of Carnegie Hall. The crowd grows silent. The orchestra tunes, and with a slash of the baton it begins, violins chasing woodwinds across the scales as Vivaldi’s Gloria in D Major takes flight. You settle in for an hour of soul-stirring music. This is your time, a cultural respite away from the busy world.  A time of tranquility and solitude that nourishes the spirit.  Welcome to Classical Minnesota Public Radio…’

Do you want to be there?  Ahhhhh…

As a fundraising communications writer, I find the powerful moments in your mission and bring them to life in print or video.  There is so much competition for our attention in the marketplace, yet good fundraising writing takes you to a special place where you engage a mission in a profound way.