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Nonprofit Fundraising Video

A new non-profit fundraising video tells your story in a powerful and profound way. It’s exciting to see your mission come alive on the screen, knowing this important fundraising tool will move and motivate your donors and prospects.

If you wish to have a new fundraising video produced this year, I recommend you start the planning early.  Once production shooting begins, our process of logging video, writing the script and completing the editing process will take 3-4 weeks. Establish your shooting dates as soon as possible and don’t waiver from them. If you want to change the shooting dates near production time, you may be looking at a delay due to other commitments with other nonprofit clients. So this means identifying your client stories as soon as possible and obtaining the clients’ commitments to be available on the shooting dates, ready to tell their story on camera.  Most of our non-profit fundraising videos can be shot in two days with careful planning. A successful, well-planned video shoot requires everyone’s cooperation, but the finished product is sure worth it!