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Benefits of a Fundraising Communicator

We love our relationship with nonprofit clients. The work is satisfying and Minnesota has a very altruistic culture in which to help organizations tell their story. There are several reasons why Minneapolis and St. Paul clients partner with us.

Fundraising communications writing is distinctly different from advertising and marketing writing. We have expertise to tell your story in a powerful and profound way, to strengthen the bond with donors, and connect with prospects to move and motivate them to support your organization.

Our non-profit fundraising videos have won numerous national awards. We bring your mission alive in compelling and moving ways.

We also can handle your public relations and tie this outreach with your development efforts throughout the year.

Often non profits retain us for a certain number of hours per month to handle their fundraising communications and public relations needs. This offers two benefits: We offer the scope and depth of expertise often not available on staff, and we can deliver the quality work efficiently at a cost less than a staff position. It’s a win-win.

Clients tell us that when we write their fundraising newsletters, they hear back from donors who say they “read every word!”  That’s the goal! And a well-crafted newsletter will draw donors in and engage them in ways they desire. People like feeling good about making a difference.