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Literary Services – Ghostwriting and Book Promotion

We provide ghostwriting and literary promotions services for budding authors.  We can get your book published and help you develop a strong following to enhance sales.

My new book is Lost Boys of Hannibal, a penetrating account of the historic May 1967 cave search for three lost boys – modern day Tom Sawyers – in the Mississippi River town of Hannibal. The incident remains one of Missouri’s most vexing mysteries of the 20th century.

Lost Boys of Hannibal: Inside America’s Largest Cave Search details the lengthy search that captured headlines across the nation and around the world. Beginning on May 10, 1967, the three risk-taking boys, with no caving expertise but an abundance of bravado, made Hannibal ground zero for a terrifying, unfolding calamity that would leave its traumatic mark for half a century.

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