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Writers and writing – a worthy fundraising investment

“Our CEO likes to write.”  Yeah, I get it. But CEOs (and helpful board members) operate in a different paradigm from fundraising staff who are solely focused (and trained!) on connecting with donors effectively.  CEOs think in terms of numbers and charts.  Zzzzzzzz. Deadly for donor communications. Here’s some experience talking: In most nonprofit organizations, there are go-to staff who handle public relations and fundraising writing tasks. Often, it’s the way it has ‘always been done.’ Or, the new communications coordinator is overwhelmed by the myriad of duties on his or her plate so they hurry through a deadline writing project. We routinely demonstrate to clients the value of having an experienced – proven and trusted – writer handle direct mail, newsletters, social media, annual reports and such. It’s not just words on a page; it’s the right words, crafted in the right way, to connect with donors and prospects in the most resonant way. POW! Message received. Donor moved and motivated to give. Free your fundraising staff from writing duties so they can focus on their many other responsibilities. It’s a winning fundraising strategy that’s well worth the modest investment.