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Planning a fundraising luncheon?

Wingate Communications Group often plays a key role in clients’ annual fundraising luncheon. Typically, we’ll write and produce the compelling fundraising video and write the script for the entire one hour event. It works.  One social services client formerly brought in about $70,000 at their event. Once we came aboard, we envisioned a new approach.  We brought passion and emotion to the CEO’s speech and the audience was moved and motivated. You see, passion is contagious and when people see how excited you are about your mission, their enthusiasm soars, too.

We also produced a great video to tell their story in a profound way. We put a very human face on the organization’s mission, and the guests were still talking about the video long after the event.  With our new approach, their take at the luncheon was $300,000, which included a $150,000 gift from a major donor who had been waiting for the right moment.  We created the ‘right moment.’

Fundraising events require huge numbers of staff hours.  Work smart and optimize your opportunities to make your event THE MOMENT when people open up their pocketbooks and say, “I want to make a difference…today.”

We started writing the client’s quarterly newsletter too, creating many special moments for readers/donors.  We frequently hear from donors who say, “I always read your newsletter cover to cover!”  Music to my ears.