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Retooling your nonprofit fundraising communications, PR and marketing

A Minnesota nonprofit organization contacted me recently about marketing, public relations and fundraising communications help.  The problem was the same old same old was no longer as effective as it once was. It didn’t take long to ascertain the problem. They were not utilizing their social media platforms and donor newsletter for maximum effectiveness. In short order, we had a plan in place to optimize their messaging to their loyal constituencies and to better position the organization to secure new friends (read donors!).

Here in mid-summer, it’s a great time to start a conversation about enhancing your communications outreach.  Contact us today.  Clients are always pleased to find that retaining us saves them major dollars by averting the need for a staff position.

Nonprofit fundraising communications and your PR and marketing can benefit substantially from often minor adjustments in approach, style and messaging.  We love what we do, and love serving the nonprofit community.